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Introducing the CreditPulse Booster: All-In-One Power and Protection

Stay Powered Up, Organized, and Secure in Style

Charge Your Devices On the Go

Keep your devices charged and your credit cards safe with the CreditPulse Booster, featuring a powerful battery that quickly charges your smartphone or other compatible devices, ensuring you stay connected without missing a beat.

Advanced RFID-Blocking Technology

The CreditPulse Booster also boasts cutting-edge RFID-blocking technology, safeguarding your credit cards and personal information from potential identity theft in the age of 'swipe' technology.

NFC/RFID Anti-Theft Protection

By incorporating NFC/RFID anti-theft technology, the CreditPulse Booster securely protects all of your cards from would-be thieves trying to intercept and misuse your credit card information.

One-Click Secure Credit-Card Access

A simple touch of a button opens the device to reveal a compact and convenient storage space for your credit cards.

Easy to access and organize, your cards remain safe and secure within the CreditPulse Booster, which can hold between 5-12 cards depending on their thickness.

CreditPulse Booster can hold between 5-12 cards depending on their thickness.

Premium, Sleek Design

Crafted from high-quality materials with a stunning aluminum finish, the CreditPulse Booster is sleek, durable, and lightweight - perfect for anyone seeking style, convenience, and security in one sophisticated package.

Ideal for travel, commuting, or just needing an extra boost throughout the day, the CreditPulse Booster is the ultimate accessory for those on the move.

Don't settle for inferior power solutions and risk exposing your credit cards to theft - choose the CreditPulse Booster and experience the pinnacle of power, security, and style!

How the CreditPulse Booster Works:

  1. Before using the CreditPulse Booster to charge your phone, ensure it's fully charged by checking for all 4 LED lights. For optimal performance, charge and drain it fully the first time you use it.
  2. To charge your device, plug your USB cable into the USB Output and click the switch. The CreditPulse Booster is compatible with all USB-chargeable devices.
  3. To access your credit cards, simply click the Card Pop-up button. Your cards will fan out for easy selection, securely held in place until you release them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • Compatibility: The CreditPulse Booster works with all devices that charge via USB, including iPhones, Androids, and more.
  • Charging Capacity: Choose from 3 versions (2,500 mAh, 5,000 mAh, or 10,000 mAh) to match your charging needs. Please refer to the following guide for estimated charge percentages.


Percentage of Charge on Average Phone

2,500 mAh 80%
5,000 mAh 120% (can charge more than once)
10,000 mAh 200%+ (can charge at least twice)


  • Color Options: Sky-Blue, Burnt-Orange, Chrome-Silver, and Shadow-Black. Note that colors may slightly differ due to monitor differences.
  • Size and Weight: Slightly larger than a credit card, the CreditPulse Booster is 10cm*6.3cm*1.5cm and weighs approximately 120g, fitting comfortably in your pocket.
  • Shipping: Free within the US (5-7 days). Faster delivery and international shipping available at checkout. All orders ship from our US warehouse (New Jersey and California) within one working day via USPS. Tracking and customer support provided.
  • 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee: Enjoy a "No Questions Asked Return Policy." If you're unsatisfied with your purchase, we'll provide a free replacement or full refund and cover return shipping costs. You have 60 days from receipt to request a refund.

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Don't let your phone's battery life or the security of your credit cards hold you back any longer. Experience the convenience, security, and style of the CreditPulse Booster and elevate your everyday carry game.

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Take control of your charging needs and protect your valuable credit card information. Invest in the CreditPulse Booster today and experience a new level of convenience, power, and security.

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$19.99 $29.99
You save: $10.00 (33.34%)
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