Rad8 Deep Cleaner Extreme

Rad8 Deep Cleaner Extreme

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According to a paper published by researchers at Stanford University in 1999, there are more germs and bacteria in your mouth than an average toilet bowl.

the average mouth plays host to as many as 1,000 different kinds of bacteria, up to 80 various kinds of fungi, as well as a random amount of parasites and viruses.

In a study by the Forsyth Institute, in collaboration with the University of Oslo, Norway, and the Harvard School of Dental Medicine in Boston, it was found that more than 700 bacterial species were detectable in the average mouth.

That doesn't mean that they are all harmful. However, it does show us that what we think is clean is often the opposite. 

We can see this by the fact that we are far more careful at what we put INTO our mouth than what come out the other end.

We see this in other areas of life also. 

For example, take your washing machine. Almost every house has one and it is the standard machine in the western world for cleaning clothes.

Did you know though, that after two weeks of use, a washing machine contains more dirt than in an average flower pot?!

However, the washing machine doesn't just contain dirt. It contains oil and grime and grit and Sulphur. As well as all of the other stuff that has come off clothes and bed sheets and towels that have been put in there.

 If you want to do an experiment, then run your washing machine without anything in it. Ever a very short cycle will be enough. Take a look at the water that comes out the other end (Try not to get wet!).

You will see that just after two weeks of use, the water that comes out is FILTHY and SMELLY. And this is without having any clothes or other laundry in there.


 So, there are two major problems here:

  • - When you wash your clothes, they are being washed in dirty water and are not coming out as clean as they could do - interestingly, dry cleaning doesn't have the same problem.
  • - When your clothes come out of the washing machine, they still contain a lot of germs and bacteria and cells and hair that aren't detectable to the human eye.

Rad8 Deep Cleaner Extreme

Rad8 Deep Cleaner Extreme takes care of this by giving your machine a deep clean. It enters every single part of your machine that comes into contact with anything that touches your clothes.

Using a mix of science, hard work and a sprinkling of magic, your machine is deep cleaned, so that by the end it is sparkling.

It only takes about 20 minutes, and you will notice from your next wash that your clothes come out feeling softer, looking cleaner and smelling fresher.

But there is more than that...

What is even more important, is the changes that take place that are not visible to the human eye:

  • removes bacteria
  • removes fungus
  • removes germs

which is also good for your health.

Many of our customers have reported that after just one use of Rad8 Deep Cleaner Extreme they are seeing an improvement in rashes and skin irritabilities that have disappeared. Please note, that this is not medical advice. There could be many reasons for Rad8 Deep Cleaner Extreme being kind to sensitive skin. However, the anecdotal evidence we have heard has been overwhelming.

How to use Rad8 Deep Cleaner Extreme

1. Simply place one of our high concentrate pods into your machine.

2. Run a hot cycle

3. Once the cycle has finished, open the door and be astounded by the results. All of our customers are!

Tip: If you have never used a Rad8 Deep Cleaner Extreme before in your washing machine, and have years of buildup, you may want to try doing a second run with a damp cloth or hand towel. This will help absorb any residue and give an even better result.


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